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Whether your organization is looking for 

in the

Strategy Formulation

Construction Industry

We are ready for the challenge. Vadestra is proud to have worked with inspiring leaders in some of the most exciting cases at leading companies in the Nordics and internationally. No engagement is the same. Therefore, naturally, we approach each client with a tailor-made scope and execution. 


We bring expertise to our customers across various industries on how to effectively develop and realize what we call a full potential strategy that aims to create sustainable value and growth. We support our customers in identifying and validating growth opportunities, defining the company’s wanted position and setting its financial ambition.

Working together with Vadestra on your strategy formulation means participating in a pragmatic exchange of ideas, values and challenges. Our goal is that our joint strategic work will leave your organization prepared to embark on its coming journey by ensuring the buy-in and commitment needed from all stakeholders and aligning your targets with your core capabilities. We understand the day-to-day workload that your business poses on your team and respect the time requirements needed for the strategy process. 

Vadestra can provide

  • Strategy and business plan development 

  • Market analysis  

  • Growth area identification and evaluation 

  • Strategy workshop series facilitation 

  • Voice of the customer analysis 

Vadestra's team took the necessary time to truly get to know our organization in its work. The team's commitment finally brought our organization into agreement on a comprehensive strategic direction for the group for the first time.

- CEO, Global industrial group

Growth Strategies


We are your objective partner in your deal journey, providing commercial advisory on both buy- and sell-side transactions. Our engagement often begins long before the first concrete transaction discussions and continues after deal closure through transaction target origination to management pitch support, from investment committee presentations to integration. Your value creation is our goal.

With integrity as our guiding compass, we are quick and effective in analyzing and understanding all key aspects of the target company and its market in your acquisition process. We have thorough experience from analyzing targets in a wide range of sectors and geographical markets.

Vadestra can provide

  • Commercial due diligence

  • Vendor commercial due diligence 

  • Exit preparation support to owners and management

  • Market screening and target identification 

  • Post-acquisition value creation plan 

  • Acquisition process optimization 

  • Pitch support and approach strategy

Vadestra rapidly gained a deep understanding for the case, showcasing deep knowledge and producing an impressive result. The team exhibited great flexibility and responsiveness to new questions that emerged during the process.

- Private Equity Director, FoodTech disruption case

Acquisitions & Divestments


Great value can be found in the smallest intricacies of companies. Vadestra aims to help access the potential in your organization through optimization of processes and structures, no matter whether they concern strategy implementation offices, production footprint or product portfolio. 

With the right mechanisms in place, organizations can work more focused to achieve their visions. Together with our customers, we define the key levers and craft the program required to fully capture the identified benefits.

​Vadestra can provide

  • Sales excellence 

  • Product portfolio analysis  

  • Innovation support structures 

  • Incentive structure design

  • Strategic implementation support 

Vadestra did an outstanding job. The Vadestra partner that led the project is very competent, and we received more than just the usual consulting services. The team was truly knowledgeable and incredibly accessible during the project.

- Sales Director, Sales excellence project

Operational Excellence

Curious to know more about how you can work with Vadestra on sustainable value creation? Get in touch with us!

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