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The right strategy can make your organization

resolute, yet

This is our thesis. Let us be your partner in navigating your organization through its strategic challenges.



A dedicated boutique strategy consulting firm with a high level of seniority, expertise, and heart

The success of our clients defines our work. Our passion lies in working together with our clients to support them in accelerating their businesses’ performance and in creating sustainable value. As a boutique firm, we take pride in our flexibility and expertise, which are key factors in helping our customers to achieve their goals. 


We deliver growth strategies that stakeholders believe in, analysis of complex strategic questions with solid integrity, and hands-on support to CEOs, management teams, and business owners. Our advice is actionable and based on the reality that your firm is facing. 


We advise private equity funds and investors in every phase of a transaction process, including commercial due diligence and exit preparation. Further, we provide advisory in the development of portfolio companies through strategic growth plans or market analysis. 



Strategy formulation

We bring expertise to our customers across various industries on how to effectively develop and realize what we call a full potential strategy that aims to create enduring value over time.

Acquisitions & Divestments

Mergers and acquisitions can be immensely value creating when executed correctly. Vadestra provides advise along its clients' entire target value creation agenda, from target identification to integration and divestment.

Strategy execution

Vadestra recognizes the strategy implementation challenge. We provide effective support and methods that help our clients accelerate the implementation effort and secure dedicated participation throughout the organization.



Get to know Vadestra

Vadestra's team is comprised of a wide range of individuals with unique talents who come together around a shared soft spot for complex business challenges.

Find out what a team from Vadestra could look like.


Join us!

We believe that Vadestra is the best place to be for students and experienced professionals looking for a sustainable career in consulting. 

Reach out to our colleagues to learn more about what makes Vadestra a great place to work.


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